bounty hunter
metal detectors

Lost treasure does exist- and there's a surprising amount of it out there. 
Whether it's an engagement ring lost at the beach (sunscreen can be slippery) or a pirate's forgotten booty - the only way to find treasure is to look for it. 

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors: Treasure's Out There


ocean gold.png

Out of Home

bounty hunter airplane.png


This updated packaging design shows off the treasure that's
waiting to be found.

beach stand and treasure hunt

There are a ton of surf rentals at the beach but no Metal Detector rentals.
That's about to change.

We would set up Metal Detector rental stands where people could rent detectors and look for treasure. The area around the stand would also be stocked with faux gold for
people to look for. This will get a whole new generation of customers into detecting.


Social Media: lost and found stories

An Instagram account that tells the true stories of treasure that's been lost and treasure that's been found using metal detectors.



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bounty hunter- apocalypse storyboard.png


We will sponsor a week-long treasure hunt in the Mojave Desert. Each day, we will release a new clue about the whereabouts of the treasure.

There are bound to be some lively characters amongst the participants of the Treasure Hunt. Couple that with tensions running high and the clock ticking down, it's bound to be a reality show worth binge watching.