The kentucky bourbon Trail

The history of Bourbon is the history of America.

It was made from ingredients cultivated by Native Americans, born during the revolution, became the spirit of rebellion, only to be outlawed by the 18th amendment, 
then resurrected by the families that founded it. 

To travel the Bourbon trail is to travel through our own story.

It is: The Road to the American Spirit



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AUGMENTED REALITY and loyalty program

Learning about history is more fun when it's rewarded with a free shot. 

This augmented reality experience reveals objects related to Bourbon Trail history.
Visitors can learn more about them and add them to their collection. When they've
collected objects from 3 different distilleries, they receive a free shot at the fourth. This will also incentivize more distillery visits - a win for everyone. 




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Branded Content

Drinking + History? What a fantastic idea.
Fortunately, a killer group of comics has already perfected it.

We propose partnering with Drunk History
to tell the story of the Bourbon Trail.

With so many great real characters and historic events,
the stories practically tell themselves.

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