Panda snacks

a product extension for panda express

We created an American-Chinese snack line for Panda Express.
Why you ask? Let me explain.

#1 There is no strong Asian brand in the snack aisle.

#2 Americans already know and love Panda Express's brand of American-Chinese.

#3 The opportunity for kick-ass flavors is endless. 

Most important, they would be foo-king delicious. 

Packaging and Promotion

panda snacks general tsao's.png
panda snacks 1.png

panda express display

additional flavors and packaging

Out of Home

chinese american cheese.png
back of bus.png


panda snacks  in-store supermarket 2.png

With Will Luck
Illustrations by Annie Shepard and Michael Arroyo

From a project with:
Jass Sosa- Strategy
Harding Coughter- Experience design
Colin McCool- Creative Brand Management

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