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house party

Every year, I go to fewer and fewer house parties.
It has something to do with my friends getting expensive couches and live-in girlfriends.

But house parties are the best. So I recreated one that can fit in my pocket.

Party on.

Camera: Lars Ballard

Thanks to Lars Ballard, Ainsworth Kerr, Shang Yang, Whitney Downing, Alyssa Lucille Fea, Joshua Browne, Chloe Friedman, Michael Arroyo, Vanessa Brown, Chelsea Sams, Tony Jorgenson, Nanda Golden, Cole Hammack, Carly Harrison, Laura Strukl, Aaron Mayor, Amari Cummings, and Trinitee Pearson for dancing your butts off.

And thanks to Berwyn Hung for your wisdom. 

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